An Adventure
Listen up, Fives. A Ten is speaking.
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Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner (1982)

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I might need to watch some Q.I. again soon.

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Painting details ღ Pink period dresses
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if u touch my thigh under a table in public u can bet ur sweet bippy that ur gonna be gettin some later

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Men had no problem violating women’s bodies while they had on corsets, petticoats and farthingales, so what the fuck makes you think a short skirt has anything to do with it? 

Men also have no problem violating women’s bodies while they wear a niqab, hijab and burqa, some of the most covered form of clothing. So basically, what the fuck makes you think clothes have anything to do with it?

Super relevant. 

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Vampire Weekend x Steve Buscemi at the Easter Day Parade, 2013 (for Amex Unstaged)


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